The Zooblu 141 Program

The Zooblu 141 Program was inspired by forward-thinking companies like Patagonia, TOMS, Warby Parker and others: companies who build the dream of a better world directly into their business models. By tying charitable contributions to each purchase, we are able to help make the world a slightly better place every time someone buys a Zooblu product. More importantly, we give our customers the power to choose products that help others as well as themselves. The more companies work this way, the more “standard” this business model will be. We envision a time when one-for-one business models will be the rule instead of the exception.

When You Buy a WindFarer

So who do we help? The answer to that question is directly tied to each individual product. For the WindFarer, which shelters you from the elements, we want to contribute to organizations that help shelter people who might otherwise be left out in the cold. Our first target organization, to which we will make a bulk donation in October 2017, is Rose Haven.

Rose Haven provides sanctuary for needy women and children.

Located in notoriously rainy Portland, Oregon, Rose Haven offers sanctuary and assistance to “women and children facing loss of home, abuse and other disruptive life experiences.” Every time you buy a WindFarer, an in-kind donation of one umbrella will be earmarked for our October donation to Rose Haven.

We encourage you to take a moment to check out the important services Rose Haven provides to people in need.

Subscribe to Zooblu Updates and we'll update you when the 141 donation is made. You don't have to buy anything to join, but if you've purchased a WindFarer you'll be able to see the results of your choice firsthand!

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