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  • Zooblu's "Perfect Umbrella"
  • Pray for rain.

    We’ve just launched our first product! We set out to create the world’s best umbrella, and we succeeded. This┬ábeautifully crafted umbrella is unsurpassed in terms of style, function and durability. For complete details and more images–or to get one of your own–check it out on Amazon.

Activate Your Warranty

If your Zooblu product comes with a warranty, you can activate it below.

Oh, and guess what? EVERY Zooblu product comes with a warranty! We love everything we make, and we want to make sure you love everything you buy from us, so we stand behind all our products one hundred gazillion percent! Just give us some basic information and your warranty will be automatically activated! Then, if your product fails (which we don’t think it will!) we’ll send you a replacement.

You will also have the single-click option of applying to become one of our beta-testers. This is optional: your extended warranty will be activated either way.

Become a Zooblu Beta-Tester

When we confirm your warranty activation, you may be invited to join our list of beta-testers.

What’s a Zooblu beta-tester? Well, whenever we launch a new product, we want to make sure it’s as awe-inspiringly magnificent as possible. And who would know that better than our existing customers?

Our intrepid beta-testers get access to free (or ridiculously inexpensive) versions of our new products before we officially launch them into the stratosphere. If you want to be considered for the program, just check the box before submitting your activation below.